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July 21, 2020 3 min read

I get this question a lot!

The revolutionary non-electric slow cooker the Wonderbag can cook a huge variety of dishes - from slow cooked stews and curries, to fluffy rice, yoghurt and desserts!

I have had a LOT of conversations about what type of pot is best for your Wonderbag - so I'm here now to share with you what I've learned over the years of using this clever little slow cooker.

The simple answer to the question is - any pot with short handles and a good lid!

However depending on what you are cooking and for how long, the number of people you usually cook for and the type of pot can be broken down to the following options and recommendations. 

Enameled Cast Iron

An enameled cast iron pot (whether a Pyrolux or the French companion Le Creuset), is great for a long slow curry or stew. Think browning onions/garlic/ginger… adding the spices and having that amazing aroma… No need to swap pots now or transfer to a conventional electric slow cooker - it’s all happening here. Let that amazing aroma form, let that meat brown at a high high heat. Let excess moisture reduce. Caramelise until you’re happy.  The enamelled cast iron pot retains the heat beautifully and will keep your food cooking for 8 hours and warm for 12 in the medium and large Wonderbag. 

Stainless Steel with Glass Lid

The stainless steel pot with a glass lid is great for your shorter cooks. It can get really hot, really quickly and is great for fluffy white rice, stodge-free risotto and poached Thai salmon. 

We are Scanpan lovers as the quality ensures a nice tight fitting lid. In saying that, Coles and Woolworths often have suitable ones on sale for under $20. If there is a steam hole in your lid be sure to cover it with a small piece of alfoil when you pop your pot into the Wonderbag. 

Cast Iron Camp Oven

Most camp ovens offer the same size range as the Wonderbag - how handy is that? Camp ovens are great as they offer heat retention as they are - however in the Wonderbag they can be safely all day whilst you're out exploring or fishing. The camp oven works on Induction cook tops so I love transferring from the kitchen to the camp site easily. Just be sure to wipe the bottom of your camp oven with a tea-towel before placing in your Wonderbag in case of any embers.

If you are shopping for a pot here's a recap on the top features for Wonderbag use:

  • Short Handles
  • The fuller the pot, the better the Wonderbag works – so choose a size pot that you will regularly fill.
  • Make sure the lid fits well – remember if there’s a steam hole this can be covered with alfoil, and if the lid is a little loose you can pop a layer of alfoil between the pot and the lid.
  • Deciding between the cast iron or stainless steel will come down to a matter of what you plan to cook the most.
  • Try and get something that’s as wide as it is tall – when you pop the lid on the Wonderbag and pull it tight, it’s easier if you’re not trying to stretch it up and around.
  • Choose a pot you will use even when you’re not using the Wonderbag
  • Ideally find something that can be used in the oven, on the stop top and in the Wonderbag…. Campfire, gas and induction compatible are a necessity for some Wonderbag users of course. 

I hope this helps you on your Wonderbag journey - please leave us a comment with any further questions as I'm sure I haven't covered it all!

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