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June 02, 2021 2 min read

How To Win at Rice

Does your rice always end up gluggy ... or worse, grainy and crunchy? Did you know that you can cook amazingly perfect rice in your Wonderbag? Seriously, it's so simple and will change the way that cook rice forever! 

There are so many advantages to cooking your rice in your Wonderbag. It's totally portable, so you can take it anywhere and do the fluff and serve part wherever you need to. You won't get a crusty or grainy bottom like some electrical rice cookers do. Basically, this is never fail rice! And that's got to be a win.

Wonderbag Rice Method

1. Double the water to rice ratio (for this size serve do 1.5 cups rice, 3 cups water).

2. Wash the rice thoroughly.

3. You can add some oil at this stage (coconut oil would work well for this dish)

4. Bring to boil, simmer for 5 minutes.

5. At 5 minutes put in the Wonderbag and set timer for 40 minutes, ‘

6. The most important part is here FLUFF AT FORTY!

You can then serve then or pop it quickly back in the bag until you want to serve at a later date. 

Wonderbag Bundle

If you haven't yet purchased your Wonderbag(s) then this duo would be the perfect bundle for you to cook a main meal in the large and the rice in the small one. Purchase your bundle here.

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