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June 10, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Have you thought about roasting a whole chicken in your Wonderbag, but thought it might be impossible given it's slow cooking method? Well, we are here to tell you that it's not only entirely possible, but it needs to be the next meal you cook in your Wonderbag. It's so incredibly easy, portable and delicious!

Take Your Wonderbag Roast Chicken Anywhere

Imagine this ... it's a lazy morning and after a leisurely cooked brekkie, you load the family into the car and head to your fave beach ready for a day of fun by the ocean. The kids are super excited about building a fire on the beach. And you're thinking, what can we do for a quick easy dinner on the sand ... that doesn't involve take away food? Enter the Wonderbag Roast Chicken!

You can prepare your roast chicken in just a few minutes in the morning and have it slowly roasting in the Wonderbag while you're enjoying the salty air and cool water.

Instead of rushing to build the fire to cook dinner on, you can leisurely collect some wood - an adventure the kids are sure to love!

A Dish with No Limits

There are loads of ways to enjoy your Roast Chicken, but if you've headed to the beach or you're camping, it's very easy to serve with some salad or fresh bread rolls.

If you're eating at home, a pot of roast veggies that you prepared with the chicken in the morning would be amazing, as would some flavoured Wonderbag rice!

You can enjoy the leftover Roast Chicken in lots of different ways - from a warm chicken salad to wraps for lunch - or even a pot of Chicken & Veggie soup, cooked in your Wonderbag of course!

Wonderbag Bundle

If you haven't yet purchased your Wonderbag(s) then this duo would be the perfect bundle to cook this dish in. You can pop your Roast Chicken in the large Wonderbag and some rice or roast veggies in the small. Purchase your bundle here.

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We’d love to know your fave way of enjoying this dish – why not come and join our closed Facebook Group “Wonderbaggers” to share your fave recipes and learn all the tips and tricks we use to make the Wonderbag part of our everyday family life. You can even show us a photo of your Wonderbag Roast Chicken! 

Happy Wonderbagging!


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