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Medium Wonderbag

The Non-Electric Slow Cooker the Wonderbag works in 4 easy steps: 

The Wonderbag uses heat retention to allow food to be slow cooked off of a heat source.

To cook, simply bring food to the boil on a stove, let simmer, and then put the pot with its lid into your Wonderbag.

Cinch the Wonderbag tightly with the drawstring, and slow cook to perfection for up to 12 hours.


The MEDIUM Wonderbag can take up to a 6 Litre pot

  • Comfortably feed 2-6 people
  • 38cmx38cmx20cm
  • Weight 1.1kg
  • Cooks for 8 hours, stays hot for 12

    All Wonderbags are machine washable and come with a mouthwatering recipe book that includes hints and tips.

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