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My Wonderbag journey started when I heard that a friend had celebrated her sons birthday on Cable Beach. She had served his dinner request for the party - a roast chook! 

Piping hot, on a beach and hours after the event had started... but how? 

The more I learnt about the Wonderbag, the more I loved it. I started to hear about how other families were using it.

Camping trips were made easy, busy mums left it at home whilst no-one was there all day.  It was delivered to the doorstops of friends filled with piping hot meals after they'd had a baby or were home with a sick child. It kept appearing at picnics and BBQs and started to come in different colours and sizes. 

The Wonderbag was everywhere and it was soon an integral part of my life - I wanted everyone to know what they were. As the popularity and knowledge of this awesome product grew, as did our business and we are now the sole distributors of the Wonderbag in Australia. 

Living in Broome, we spend a lot of dinners at the beach, and many weekends away camping up the Dampier Peninsula. There is nothing better than setting up camp for the weekend and having a piping hot meal ready to go. 

By necessity, I run a pretty tight kitchen! We are often out late with afterschool commitments between the 3 kids ranging from Horse Riding, Auskick, Soccer and various music lessons. I love walking into a clean kitchen with a piping hot meal ready to go for the family. It's also great when I'm skipping out for dinners with the girls so I can leave said meals ready to be served!

The actual inception of the Wonderbag has a fascinating background and you can read all about that in the Wonderbag Story.

The Wonderbag has changed how I shop, prepare and serve meals. We have created life long memories due to the portability and convenience of this clever little non-electric slow cooker.

I want that for you too and I'm so excited to help you start your Wonderbag journey. 

Lisa x