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June 25, 2019 3 min read 3 Comments

Did you know you can make the creamiest, most delicious yoghurt you’ve ever tasted in your Wonderbag? Seriously - it’s super simple and once you’ve had this yoghurt you’ll never want to buy it from the store again!

Not to mention, it will save you money and make sure you're not eating yoghurt that's full of sugar and preservatives.

If you’ve never been able to get your homemade yoghurt thick & creamy, well you’ll want to try this ... the Wonderbag is your secret weapon!

It’s super simple - here are the basic instructions. You can easily double this recipe depending on the size of your pot.

How To Make Yoghurt Using Your Wonderbag

What You'll Need:

1 ltr full cream milk

60g full cream milk powder (this makes it super creamy)

3 tbsp pot set yoghurt (this is your starter culture - once you’ve made it once, you can just keep using your home made yoghurt to make the next batch).

How To Do It: 

  1. Add the milk powder to your milk and heat your milk to 90 degrees - basically you want to bring it to a boil and as soon as it does, take off the heat. You can use a thermometer but it’s not essential.
  2. Once it’s at 90 degrees, let it cool to around 37 degrees (basically you just want it warm so it doesn’t kill your starter culture). You'll need to skim off the milk skin that forms. Then you can add your yoghurt starter. Stir it in really well then put the lid on the pot.
  3. Put the pot in the Wonderbag for around 8 hours or overnight. The longer it’s left the thicker & tarter your yoghurt will be.
  4. There will be a clear, watery liquid sitting on top of your yoghurt. This is the whey and is full of protein. Just stir it back into the yoghurt before you eat it.

Ways to Use Your Wonderbag Yoghurt

Homemade yoghurt is so handy to have in the fridge. There are just so many ways to use it. Here are a few ways to use it everyday.

  • Use it in place of sour cream for mexican dishes.
  • Serve with your favourite soup (think pumpkin soup with yoghurt & bacon).
  • Add it to overnight oats for a delicious protein hit.
  • Add a fruit syrup or fresh fruit for a delicious flavour.
  • Add to smoothies.
  • Freeze in cubes and then blitz in your food processor for easy frozen yoghurt. Add banana, strawberries or blueberries for a yummy flavour hit.



Hints & Tips for Your Wonderbag Yoghurt

  • You can use cream instead of full cream milk powder if you want to. As long as your powder has no additives it will be fine.
  • If you don’t want to cook the milk, use UHT milk to start with instead of fresh. You’ll need to just warm it through.
  • Try to buy the best quality starter yoghurt you can get - and check it has no additives, thickness etc. you only need it once, then you’ll use your own yoghurt to start the next batch.
  • Ideally you want a true Greek yoghurt - not a Greek Style yoghurt, it's definitely worth reading the label to make sure you purchase the correct starter yoghurt.

Wonderbag Bundle

If you haven't yet purchased your Wonderbag(s) then this duo would be the perfect bundle. The large is great for all your winter favourites, while the small will fit a batch of yoghurt with no issues and won't tie up your large for when you want to have a batch cook. Purchase your bundle here.

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Happy Wonderbagging!

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September 05, 2022

Hi, can i omit the power to just make a thin yogurt?


August 21, 2022

I’m so happy in this group i spend most of my time on this group ,i did make myself Wonderbag flask holder it works wonderful

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