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Large Wonderbag

The Non-Electric Slow Cooker the Wonderbag works in 4 easy steps: 

Unlock the Art of Effortless Cooking with the Wonderbag, a culinary game-changer utilizing innovative heat retention. Elevate your kitchen experience by bringing your dish to a boil on the stove, allowing it to simmer, and then placing the pot with its lid into the Wonderbag. Secure it tightly with the drawstring, and savor the slow-cooked perfection that unfolds over an impressive 12 hours.

The LARGE Wonderbag, accommodating up to a 10-litre pot, effortlessly caters to 5-10 people, boasting dimensions of 38cmx38cmx20cm and a lightweight design at 1.1kg. With a cooking time of 8 hours and sustained warmth for 12, this kitchen marvel guarantees a flavorful outcome.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of machine washable Wonderbags, each paired with a delectable recipe book brimming with hints and tips. Transform your culinary routine – seize the Wonderbag today and experience the epitome of convenient, mouthwatering slow-cooked meals."

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