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  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Glossy recipe book included.
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag
  • Medium Wonderbag

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Fireless cooking and heat retention has been used as a cooking method through the ages.It saves fuel,frees the cook from tending to the fire or stove and produces wholesome food with a beautiful vibrant flavour.

By combining this practical age old technique with modern design Wonderbag was founded by Sarah Collins in 2008 as a way to empower rural families in Africa.The insulation comes from repurposed foam chips which are packed into a colourful machine washable poly-cotton blend bag.The drawstring allows the bag to adjust to the pot and seals in the heat and the goodness.

MEDIUM can take up to a 6 Litre pot

  • Comfortably feed 2-6 people
  • 38cmx38cmx20cm
  • Weight 1.1kg
  • Cooks for 8 hours, stays hot for 12

    All Wonderbags are machine washable and come with a mouthwatering recipe book that includes hints and tips.


    To use simply follow your favourite slow cooked recipe ,bring your pot to the boil using conventional methods, place it in the bag and it will continue to cook for up to 8hours without the use of additional fuel.

    Initial fuel requirements are as follows -

    • rice needs 5mins at a simmer
    • meat off the bone 20 mins at a simmer
    • meat on the bone 30 mins at a simmer
    • pre soaked dried beans 15 mins at a simmer 
    • root vegetables 15 mins  at a simmer

    Once your creation has been at boil point for the above times ( a guide only) and your pot and lid are hot, place it in the bag and leave to cook.

    Next open up your bag of goodness when and wherever it suits you -at a friends house ,down the beach,in your caravan,next to your swag,under a tree,in your boat,by a creek, in your car ,at a football match , in your lounge room or dining table......You don't have to ever worry about burnt pots,overcooking  your food or leaving a flame unattended.

    Wonderbags also make excellent rice cookers,yogurt makers and picnic bags. They can keep food hot or cold and are incredibly versatile.

    All these things are impressively convenient for us in the developed world but for those families living in poverty they can be life changing.Your purchase helps the Wonderbag Foundation to distribute Wonderbags to families in need.

    Look what we can achieve


    Now thats impressive! 

    There is so much to love about the Wonderbag a simple solution with the potential for big global impact.

    Saving time,money and the planet has never been easier .

    And the flavour ...did we mention the flavour ???

    Slow cooked food.............. soooo good !


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