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August 25, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

You may have started to notice these strange looking bags with delicious food inside, popping up amongst your friends on camping adventures or picnics.

And you’re probably wondering; what the heck is a Wonderbag?

The Wonderbag is a non-electric slow cooker…….. and so much more.

I know, how does a slow cooker work without electricity …… or fire? Stay with me… I’ll get to that.

This incredible invention can cook your food for 8 hours and keep it warm for 12 without the use of power! It's like a totally portable electric slow cooker that you can leave safely at home or at a camp site whilst your dinner cooks away.

Great for pot-luck dinners, picnics, camping and dropping a meal to a friend in need. The Wonderbag is also a great chiller, rice cooker, yoghurt maker and bruise-free fruit storage when you're on the road. 

I know, I know…. how does a BAG cook food?

Let me explain how the Wonderbag works without power...

  1. Heat it: You will need your initial heat source (stove-top, oven, campfire or portable gas burner) to bring your food to a boil and simmer for the required time.
  2. Bag it: Quickly pop it into your Wonderbag where it then continues to do the work for you! All you need to do it wait for your food to be converted into a tender and flavoursome meal to be enjoyed anywhere.

Powerless is powerful and the Wonderbag design reflects this. The inside filling of the Wonderbag is recycled PU foam which has the power to continue to cook your food. The compartments are aptly shaped so you that initial heat is enough to cook your meal for hours and hours once transferred into the bag. 

This style of cooking starts at such a high heat and reduces gradually, so meat is tender and vegetables retain their shape. Different to an electric slow cooker, where although the heat is low, it's constant so that your food at times is indistinguishable if you've left it going all day. 

A great benefit is:you're able to brown your food in the same pot you cook in. Using your own pots means you can easily swap between them for different meals and according to how many people you cook for. 

More on the best pot for your Wonderbag here.

Your Wonderbag comes with a FREE recipe book which includes cooking inspo, tips and tricks and conversion times. You can opt to follow the Wonderbag specific recipes or convert any slow cooker recipe using the recommended cooking times. 
The Wonderbag is your camping companion 
You know that first night of camping? You've spent the morning (or week) packing, a few hours on the road to finally arrive at your destination, only to be met with the great set-up? 
Imagine after that long exhausting day, having a ready made, delicious, healthy, fully cooked, home made meal ready to go! All you need to do is pop a bottle and relax.  
If your adventures take you away from camp the next day - just bring your food to a boil on the campfire or burner before you head out and leave it safely cooking away at your campsite all day. 
And want to cook up your days hunting? Check out this easy camping meal Spicy Fish Curry
Oh but wait…. It keeps things cold too?
It’s difficult to keep your fresh fruit ‘fresh’ when you’re on the road! You don't want to take up precious space in the fridge, but you can't have your apples and tomatoes bopping around all over the place. 

Keep your fruit & veg fresh in your Wonderbag where they will be protected from the elements, kept at a steady temperature and will keep for much longer!

 Keep your wine and snacks cold

Oh yes it does work in reverse and keep your food chilled! Great for picnics, BBQs and bubbles down the beach, when you don't want to carry a bulky esky around. Great for a day on the boat with some cool drinks cans acting as ice bricks - you can keep your lunch wraps and snacks chilled for hours, and squish the Wonderbag into small spaces. 

Pop a large Wonderbag on the base of your shopping trolley and take your time home from the shops - it's incredible how cold your goods will stay, especially if you're purchasing some frozen peas and corn! (Good bye single use plastic).

One item - so many uses

If you know you need a Wonderbag in your life, our Value Bundle is a great place to start. This way you can do your main meals in the large, rice in the small. Or use your large to transport your fruit, and a small for day trips as a chiller. The options are endless! Purchase your bundle here.

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