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May 10, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

Slow cooked pulled pork is a meal that can give you so many dinner options from the one pot. Slow cooking your pulled pork in the Wonderbag means it will never be dry, is totally portable and will soon become a firm family favourite! 

Using Your Wonderbag

Pulled pork is such a great way to utilize your Wonderbag because it’s simple to prepare and can be used to create a multitude of family friendly meals. Better yet, if you’re using a large Wonderbag, you could feed a crowd! No caterer necessary for your next party! It's a great way to get straight into using your Wonderbag once you've opened it. 

Easy Food for a Busy Week

Imagine this ... you’ve got a crazy busy week ahead. You’re working school hours, the kids have sport every day after school. Not to mention you have to get your Mum to a doctor’s appointment and you’re having a birthday party for your daughter over the weekend. Sound familiar? Chaos is just part of every day life for the modern family.

That's why slow cooking is such a great idea. It can help busy families to skip the fast food and eat healthy, nutritious meals, even when life is crazy.

Using the Wonderbag to cook a delicious pulled pork on Sunday would mean you could pull together at least 3 delicious, healthy family meals during the week with minimal fuss! And it’s minimal prep, it takes just half an hour to have your pork in the Wonderbag and then the rest of the day is yours! So it’s not going to eat up your Sunday either. Now if that's not winning, we aren't sure what is?

One Meal ... Three Ways

Don't believe it? Well, here's three ways you could enjoy your Pulled Pork during a busy week.

Sunday night could be simple, easy pulled pork burgers with a simple slaw.

Monday night means dancing & soccer ... instead of fast food, why not use the pulled pork to make wraps that you can take with you? It means a much healthier dinner and no waiting in lengthy drive thru queues for over priced take away food.

Tuesday ... well that’s easy ... pulled pork Tacos! Use the slaw from Sunday, add a few extra salad options, some avo & cheese, tortillas ... voila!

There really are so many ways you could use your Pulled Pork for healthy, easy meals during the week.

Feeding an army? Rocking up to a family gathering with your Wonderbag full of pulled pork will make you a family favourite. Imagine the memories you’d be making! All you’d need are some fresh bread rolls or wraps and a delicious barbeque sauce and you’d have the catering sorted!

Wonderbag Pulled Pork Recipe

This recipe is an absolute fave here at Wonderbag Store and we are so excited to share it with you! It’s a staple for us and has been the star of many of our family birthday gatherings.


A little tip on choosing your pork - because the meat coming out of the Wonderbag will be super tender, it doesn't matter whether you get your pork boneless or with the bone in, so be guided by what's on special.

What you'll need:

1 - 1.5kg Pork Roast 
2 brown onions
4 garlic cloves
1 Cup Chicken or Vegetable Stock
1Tbsp brown sugar
1Tbsp chilli powder
1Tbsp sea salt flakes
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp cinnamon


1) Pat your pork dry, apply the rub (spices and brown sugar), marinate for 2 hours or overnight (if you don't have time to let it marinate, don't stress, it will still be delicious).

2) Brown the pork all over. If you're short on time and only cooking for the 8 hours, cut your roast into chunks before browning. 

3) Remove pork from pan, add onions and garlic - reduce heat and stir until caramelised. 

4) Return the pork to the pot and add your stock. Bring your pot to the boil and simmer for the required size of meat time (20-60 minutes). This photo is 2 x 1.5kg pork roasts which we simmered for around 60 minutes.

5) Place your pot into the Wonderbag whilst sill boiling and seal you bag with the lid. Remember you need to be quick when you do this so you don't lose too much heat from the pot.

6) Leave to cook for 8 hours.

When I do the large roast we put on the night before and let it cook for the 12 hours overnight. In the morning, bring it back to a boil and let it continue to cook through the day - no chance of overcooking here, it just gets more tender and flavoursome! 

7)  Remove the pork from the pot and strain the liquid back into a small saucepan. 

8) Pull the pork!

9) Reduce the stock in a small saucepan until it has a syrup-like consistency and mix through the pulled pork. If you're time poor, you can skip this step and just return the liquid to the pot.

10) Serve or return to the pot and bring back to boil before placing in your Wonderbag for serving piping hot at a later date. 


You will be rewarded for your efforts with the most delicious pulled pork you've ever tasted!

Other Ways to Use Your Pulled Pork from Your Wonderbag

Some other ways you can use Pulled Pork to create simple family meals that are full of nutritious, fresh ingredients are:

Pizza topped with pulled pork and feta cheese

Sheppard’s Pie using pulled pork as the filling, topped with sweet potato mash

Stuffed potatoes

Lettuce wraps

Burrito Bowls using rice, pulled pork, your fave salads and taco sauce.




Serve with rice & veg for a quick easy weeknight dinner

Pasta tossed with Pull Pork 

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Happy Wonderbagging!

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